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Turbville Family July 2020 Disney Trip

Hey y’all! We had our trip to Disney July 19-25th. I called Melissa Friday afternoon and had her change our trip so we could leave the next night. We left Saturday night a little before midnight and arrived at Pop Century a little after lunch. On the MDE app, it was still showing we didn’t have a room assigned to us yet, so I went inside to check in and they had a room ready for us almost immediately. Upon arrival to our room, I did notice they were taking extra precautions with cleaning in the rooms. We did our first park day to Magic Kingdom. I’m not even going to lie, I cried happy tears when I saw the castle. It felt so good to be home. We started out at splash mountain and we walked right on to it. We were able to walk on to pretty much everything the whole time we were there. We did do every park once and Magic Kingdom twice. We noticed cast members were very strict on the mask policy, which we were grateful for because of our immune compromised child. We were blown away at all of the safety measures as a whole Disney has implemented since opening in July.

Both of my boys, Dakota (7) and Dawson (2) loved this trip to Disney! Dakota loved the low waits on slinky dog dash and getting to ride it multiple times on his actual birthday! He said “this has been the best birthday every!” They both made light sabers at the gift shop coming out of star tours! Dawson said his favorite part of this trip was seeing Mickey! He loves Disney so much he even calls it home! He doesn’t talk much but I know he for sure loves Barnstormer and Alien Swirling Saucers! He begged to ride those multiple times! My husband, William said his favorite part was getting to watch our boys have the time of their lives. He doesn’t like rides much but they loved spinning me so fast in the teacups I thought I was going to be sick. I had so many favorite memories from this trip, but my favorite had to be when Dakota asked to ride rockin roller coaster. He’s never been one to ride anything that goes upside down or drops, so when he asked to ride it because it goes upside down, I was so happy! We got in line and walked right on and if it wouldn’t have been for the park closing, we would have rode it again!

This was our second trip to Disney and it was the best trip we’ve ever had. We did everything we wanted to do and we were able to slow down and take in everything around us. Yes, we missed characters meets and characters meals and the fireworks. The mini character parades were amazing! Even though they couldn’t be close to you, they were still very interactive with the crowds. We literally had the trip of a lifetime all thanks to Melissa!

Jodi T.

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