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Uncovering the Magic....Buzz Lightyear

by Jeremy Fore

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Do you have what it takes to stop the evil Emperor Zurg and save the galaxy???? Have you boarded the XP-37 Star Cruiser and come up short of becoming a Galactic Hero? Well, I am here to help you save the universe with some tips to help you reach the elusive 999,999 points and grab that coveted sticker at the end of the ride!!

Steps to Becoming a Galactic Hero


Let’s look at the Status Board and see what level we can achieve with each score.

  • The first tip is to ride by yourself if you want to reach the top score. I love riding with others, but you need to have complete control of the joystick to have a chance at the max score!

  • Also, hold down your trigger all the time because you will rack up 100 points every 5 shots regardless of hitting any targets at all! Now let’s look at the high value targets and where to find them!

  • In the first room, the robot’s left arm (on our right) is worth 100,000 points! I have been able to max my score out by hitting this target 10 times many times. It isn’t easy but with practice, it can be done.

  • If you are seated on the right side of the vehicle, just aim for the claw on the right side of the track. This claw is also 100,000 points but can be tougher to reach with a straight shot.

  • As you leave the room, turn your vehicle around and it is easier to reach.

Our next room is the largest room in the show building and can be overwhelming with many targets everywhere.

  • You can aim wherever you wish here but I always like to shoot the top target on the Volcano which is 50,000 points. It also triggers a light show eruption that is fun to watch! Once this target is out of reach just shoot anything you are close to for those extra points!

Our next chance at 100,000 points is at the bottom of Zurg’s spaceship. This target can be tough to reach as well.

  • Make sure you aim here early as you come into the room as it is impossible to reach when you are facing it.

  • As you leave the room, turn back towards the target for a last chance at the points!!

I won’t put a picture in for the last tip as it will be in the dark room as you head towards the final area, but there are 2 spots here that are near impossible even if you know where they are. About midway up the wall towards the exit, you can find these hidden targets.

  • The best tip I can give is to shoot at the moving spaceships as they move back and forth. They will sit over those targets for a few seconds before moving to the opposite side. The last room as you have your photo taken only has low value targets so if you are close to getting the high score, keep shooting and grab those last second points!!!

I hope everyone gets a chance on the next group meetup to give my tips a chance and I will of course be there if you want to ride with me for a refresher!! Let’s go grab those stickers and save the universe!!!

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